Olivia and Sebastian – Grantley Hall Wedding

Grantley Hall wedding

Working as a UK wedding photographer took me to the beautifully luxurious Grantley hall in York. It was my first time working at this beautiful venue and it certainly won’t be my last. The tones, the grandeur and the luxury decor couldn’t have suited my work more perfectly. 

Now let’s find out a little more about this beautiful pair’s story and how they can to plan and have the day of their dreams.

Tell me a little bit about how you came to get to know each other?

We had mutual friends, Seb apparently had his eye on me for a while though never had the confidence to voice this! However on a night out we got talking to each other, a lot of a drinks later that night I told Seb we’ll get married and here we are now…married!

What was the proposal like?

The Proposal didn’t go as well as Seb would have liked (he originally planned for it to be in Paris but the ring he had made wasn’t going to be ready in time! Typical Seb lol!), I kinda already knew he was going to propose, I was 10
Months pregnant with our first child and on Christmas Eve, Seb took me to one of a favourite restaurants and got down on one knee and asked me there, it was just the two of us in one of the private dining rooms in Fischers @ Baslow. And of course I said YES!

Which date did you choose to get married and why?

So I liked the idea of June because Juno is the ancient Roman goddess of marriage and childbirth, thus marrying in June is considered lucky. And Saturday 11th was free! And weather in June is most of the time nice!

Who were your best suppliers and why?

I’d say the florist really made a difference as they decorated the venue for me, the weather was a bit windy so this prevented my exact vision impossible to deliver on but the day was still perfect and everything looked amazing.

Why did you choose this particular venue/location? What does it mean to you personally? 

So we stayed here for My Husbands Birthday, we’d just got out of lockdown and the venue had recently just opened! We just immediately fell in love with this place and we looked around the next day as a potential wedding venue and just felt it was the one! The look, the class, even the smell! We just loved everything about it!

What was your wedding theme? was there a colour scheme?

We just wanted the day to be really classy and elegant, so the dress code was Black Tie! Dress to impress!

Which special/personal touches did you incorporate to reflect your personality as a couple and to create a special atmosphere?

We just wanted the day to be a really romantic and happy one! A day filled with so much love! I think starting with the string quartet playing specially picked out romantic songs really started the day off and created the right mood/atmosphere!

What was the bridal look and how did you go about choosing your gown?

For my first dress I wanted something that looked extravagant and some what regal, something that complimented the venue also, a dress that even though was quite plain still had that wow factor!

Then for my second dress I wanted to kind carry on they style from the first dress but have something that was fitted and looked very feminine!

What inspired you to make this particular choice?

I scrolled through Instagram and wedding dress pages and I just saw these dresses and I loved them! I found which wedding dress shop supplied these particular brands and I went and tried them on and just knew that these were the dresses I wanted to wear!

Please explain the style of the dresses.

They were both Ivory, off the shoulder plain/silky dresses.

The first one was big, with a big trail and a lot of under skirting to create that dramatic look.

The second one was very fitting and mermaid style/ fishtail bottom.

What did you accessorise with?

I had a long double tier veil.

I had some pearl earrings made with the Diamonds from a ring that belong to Sebastian’s, late Grandmother.

My Rolex watch along with a tennis bracelet that Seb had sent to me the morning of our wedding as a gift, that also had the two birthstones of our two daughters incorporated into it!

Manolo Shoes and a pearl beaded bag from Zara.

How did you feel wearing a wedding dress?

Like an actual royal! Lol!

Please describe groom and groomsmen’s attire and how it fits into the theme.

The Groom and Groomsmen were in black tie! They just all looked so smart and Handsome! Especially Sebastian!

Seb had a slightly bigger bow tie which I loved and some really nice black Louboutin Shoes!

What did your bridesmaids and/or flower girls wear 

My Bridesmaids wore floral dresses by Millanova, I just loved these dresses when I saw them and I thought they were very different to the typical dresses you see bridesmaids in! I let each of my bridesmaid pick the style of dress they preferred and would feel most comfortable in and it was nice to see the same pattern dress in the different styles and I think they all looked stunning!

The Flower Girls we’re in white organza dresses, they looked very cute, I did plan to have them have a dried baby’s breath flower crown, however the weather prevented these from being worn!

Tell me how you went about choosing the groomsmen attire, and how it turned out

Again black tie to match the groom. Very smart!

Please mention any special accessories and where they were bought

Sebastian had Cartier Cuff Links that were a gift to him on his 21st Birthday.

All Groomsmen had a single white rose pinned.

Bow ties.

How did you feel getting ready?

I actually felt fine in terms of nerves. I felt really happy and just a little overwhelmed with everything! I Couldn’t believe that this day we had been planning for over the last 2 years was actually here! And that that day was the day I’d be marrying the love of my life.

What was the most special part of your big day as a couple and why?

I’ve got to say it was the ceremony it’s self! Seeing each other for the first time that day. Actually saying our vows to each other! Our children walking down the aisle! Seeing how emotional Seb had got, all our family and friends being there and watching us exchange our vows! And even though it was very windy during the ceremony ,in a weird way just made that moment all the more special to us!

What was the most memorable part of the speeches?

My Dads speech, just because it was so unexpected for Him to start crying and I think it just made everyone in the room tear up!

How many wedding guests did you have?

Around 100

When you look back on your wedding day, what words come to mind as how to describe it? 

Just an amazing day filled with so much love and happiness, a day that we’ll never forget!

During the wedding planning process, was there anything that came up that you hadn’t anticipated (good/bad)? How did you overcome it?

Yes! You find out that it’s actually your guests that cause you the most problems during planning a wedding, from fall outs, changing seating plans multiple times! Guests assuming they could invite others to your wedding! Guests pulling out of your wedding because you won’t allow them to have a plus 1 for their partner in a newly formed Relationship, for them to end up being dumped by that same partner! Honestly I get now why people choose to have small weddings!

But we got there in the end and the people who mattered the most to us were there on the day and that was the main thing!

If you could go back and tell the newly engaged you anything about the whole process, what would it be?

To just not stress, or put too much pressure on yourself or the day Because at the end of the day you can’t control everything, just like you can’t control the weather! And the day goes so so fast and it really is one of the best days of your life and you don’t want to spend it sweating over the small stuff!

What sort of music did you play and why?

We had a varied music playlist throughout the day! String quartet playing love songs to create that loving, romantic mood to start and create some dramatics!

We had a band, mainly pop and then a DJ inbetween and after to play uplifting songs old and new, to get everyone up on the dance floor.

And then for the club old school RNB DJ. Just cause who doesn’t love abit of old school RNB?

What was your first dance song?

James Arthur – Say you won’t let go.

Did you incorporate any additional details that made the ‘party’ portion of your celebration extra special?

I think a few little extra effects. Sparklers, Man on the Sax! Champagne Tower! Photobooth which was a real winner with the guests!

Do you have a favourite photograph and why?

I think the ones that are just really natural and capture the moments exactly how they felt in that time!

Jul 5, 2022

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