Timeless Glamour

effortless elegance

Here lies the imagery
The stories of intimacy

Timeless stills of emotion, this is pure poetry
The cinematic magic of connection
Untamed dreamers with unrivalled affection

Unposed, exposed
Images to evoke
A sense of richness and mystery
Ethereal artistry

Texture, soft edges, glamour and grain
Editorial, intentional, no two the same
Filmic, iconic, emotive, evocative
The glances, the chapters, the reverie unfolding
Your soulful story infused with serenity
Glamour, grace and raw femininity
Entrancing, ever-lasting, forever ablaze
Two hearts, two souls, a tale of twin flames

the essence of

courtney Marie

Serving London, UK + Worldwide

 courtney marie / 

Entwining editorial photography with  emotive storytelling

the art of /

Less performing

more personal

less conforming,

more creative

Elevating Moments through Editorial Photography in its Purest, Organic Form

my mission:

Heart warming words from my couples




Oh court! You are incredible! They are incredible!! They are the most amazing photos we could ever of wished! Literally sat here crying & reliving every moment & you didn’t miss a thing! We will forever be grateful for these memories! You are THE best decision we ever made! From crying at reading your brochure at the start, to you being with us by our side all day, your laughter was infectious! We made the best memories & your was part of them! Never change! We love you tons! Honestly just going to sit here crying more over these photos now! 

Kat & joe

The pictures. WOW. We sat for hours just saying “wow”. I knew she was going to be good, we had no idea just how good. The pictures are everything, You captured the day from start to finish so beautifully. I will always be grateful for you.

Charlotte & Alex

oh my god courtney! These photos are the most gorgeous photos I have ever seen! I feel like I am looking at photos from a magazine and it's ME in them, ME! I can't thank you enough. 

Jordyn & Joe