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After years and years, hundreds of couples, countless flights, venues and destinations.. the one thing that keeps me going is that no wedding is ever the same. There is no other job in the world I would rather do and why would I? 

Getting to witness people on the happiest days of their lives and then being the one to help those memories last a lifetime? That's pretty special! 

It's not just about the photos its about the experience I can bring. The knowledge and the expertise of someone who has done this over and over and over again. I don't want you to feel overwhelmed, I'm here to help every step of the way. I want your experience with me to be meaningful, I want you to enjoy it and not feel awkward at any stage. Awkwardness shows in photos and that's why I pride myself on being able to read people, read emotion and know when something doesn't quite feel right. Being a wedding photographer is more than being able to take a good photo. It's being able to read situations, people and emotion. It's never being sat inside of a black and white box. It's being able to flex and adapt to the couple and celebration I have in front of me.  That's what makes me different. 

I promise you that you will never feel awkward, never feel forced and never have to wait months for your images after your big day has passed. I am a large part of your day and I don't want you to think that I have put you on the back burner just because your day has passed. My commitment to you is life-long. Not just until the day has passed. You'll get emails from me every anniversary to see how you're doing. 

effortless elegance, timeless glamour

Your Day. Your Bond. Your Story. 
Told With Elegance, Intimacy And Beauty.

I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list

worldwide travel

It's no secret that I LOVE to travel and experience new places. It also fuels my creativity to be in a new place, with beautiful landscapes and light. Because of the time it takes for me to travel and shoot weddings abroad, I therefore only take on a very exclusive seven destination weddings per a year. 

Please see below my list for 2023 so far. I only have 2 spaces left. 

Where shall we go next? 

Bucket List

see below for a full list of destination i'm manifesting

Travel Dates

Algarve, Portugal 

/  11-15th april 2023

Sorrento, italy

/  8-11th june 2023

Tuscany, italy

/  19-22nd july

Dubronvik, croatia

/  8-12th august 2023

Marrakech, Morocco

/  29-2nd  september 2023

My bucket list

-a Curated list of some adventures I would love to go on and shoot weddings in.

I have been to some of these locations already either on holiday or for editorial campaigns but would LOVE to photograph a wedding or elopement there. 

If you are are planning on any of the below locations then please get in touch and I'm happy to offer a reduced rate. 

I also have a UK Venue bucket list, get in touch for a price brochure to view these. 

  • south africa 
  • Bora Bora
  • Tulum
  • Amalfi Coast
  • Lake Como
  • Lake Garda
  • Dolomites
  • NEw  York
  • st tropez & cannes
  • venice
  • maldives
  • cappadocia


My endless adventures and travels so far...

Sri Lanka
New Zealand



Here are some of my favourite venues i have worked in or would love to work in

If you're looking to get married in any of these then please do get in touch as I would LOVE to hear from you. 

Euridge Manor
Kew Gardens
Babington House
Brympton House
Middleton Lodge
Clivedon House
Hedsor House
Came House
Fitzrovia Chapel 
Hotel Kimpton Fitzroy 
St Giles House 
Grantley Hall 

Villa Cimbrone 
Grand Hotel Convento

Dimora Delle Balze

Beldi Country Club- Morocco
Amanjena Resort- Morocco
Son Berga- Mallorca
La Fortaleza- Mallorca
Son Marriog, Mallorca
Ktima, Lindos
Villa Ephrussi De Rothschild- France

Villa Balbiano
Villa Balbianello 
Villa Ciprissi 
Villa D'Este
Villa Erba

favourite venues



The experience

what it's like to work with me 


A Good Story Relies Just As Much On What You DON’T Say - To Create Drama And Build Excitement, You Need A Keen Sense Of Knowing Which Points Matter. My Eye Is Naturally Drawn To Flattering Angles, Lights And Backdrops. The Way I Shoot Ensures That I Only Capture You At Your Best; A Blemish May Be Considered ‘Candid’ But It’s Not Permanent, Nor Is It A Reflection Of Who You Are. If A Spot Emerges On Your Big Day, I’ll Use Subtle Skin Editing Software To Give You A Fairytale Flawless Finish.


I Believe That The Most Important Thing A Wedding Should Be Is FUN! To That End, I Won’t Take Hours Setting Up Endless Group Photos After Your Ceremony. Instead, My Approach Will Be Quick, Efficient And With A Focus On Keeping The Celebratory Spirit Buzzing. I Also Believe That Weddings Should Be Stress-Free. Let Me Handle Finding Perfect Lighting - You Just Focus On Enjoying Yourselves And When The Time Is Right I’ll Whisk You Away For Those Romantic Golden Hour Sunset Photos You’ve Been Dreaming Of.

One Thing Of Which You Can Be Certain Is That I Got Into The Wedding Business Because I LOVE Weddings! I Also Know A Tonne About Them By This Point And Would Like Nothing More Than To Pore Over Your Plans To Help You Bring Your Dreams To Life - Both On The Day And Before. I’ll Offer You An Honest Opinion Whenever You Want It, And Over The Course Of Our Working Together We’ll Build Enough Trust That You Won’t Think Twice About Me Capturing Even Your Most Intimate Moments On The Morning Of Your Wedding.



I Don’t Just Want You To Be Excited In The Run-Up To Your Wedding, I Want You To STAY Excited. So, 42 Hours After Your Big Day, I’ll Send Through A Few Sneak Peek Highlights So You Can Relive All The Highs Again With The Loved Ones Who Were There And Share The Memories With Those Who Weren’t.

Get in touch for price list

+ 10 Hours Coverage
+ Multi-Day weddings

+ Pre- wedding celebration coverage.

+ Low resolution images + High resolution
   perfect for sharing on social media and for print
+ 600- 800 professionally-edited images in my signature style 

+VIP Editing - Receive your Digital gallery in 2 weeks!

Package 01 includes

+ Timeless Black and White
   All Images in my signature, timeless black and white

+Sneak peak of 30-50 images within 48 hours of your big day

+ Second photographer
   for the whole day, no missed moments

+ Bespoke fine art album
   hardcover keepsake, 10x10” with all the trims

+ Lots more 

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Package one

+ 10 Hours Coverage

+ Sneak peak of 30-50 images within 48 hours of your big day

+ Second photographer
   for the whole day, no missed moments

Package 02 includes

+ Online gallery available for all of your friends and family to view and share 

+ 100-page wedding planning guide, including recommended suppliers 

+ Travel

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For All Of The Main Coverage Without The Luxury Extras

Package two

Get in touch for price list

+ 9 Hours Coverage

+ Sneak peak of 30-50 images within 1 week of your big day

+ Online gallery available for all of your friends and family to view and share 

+ 100-page wedding planning guide, including recommended suppliers 

+ Travel

Package 03 includes

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Perfect For Smaller Weddings With Later Start Times.

Package three

Get in touch for price list

Choose the one that suits you

packages start at £4500

wedding packages

Photo editing

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This is where your photos come to life. There is so much more to a good wedding photograph than me turning up on the day and ensuring I document your day and all of the love and emotion in an elegant, effortless and editorial way. It's the process that comes after that will turn your photos to magic. It's the artistic expertise of knowing when an image will be in black and white because it evokes emotion that way, or ensuring blemishes are removed from close ups during morning preparations. It's removing people or ugly objects from backgrounds. It's all the little details that you don't even realise have happened by the time you receive your gallery. 

Picture this... You are getting married in a beautiful place, the ocean is turquoise and your backdrop is beautiful green palms. You want it to look like how it felt right? That's why I will never adjust or edit colours in such a way that they no longer represent your day, your details or how it felt. My signature style is muted and film-like but not in a way that doesn't feel true to life. My colours are carefully balanced to ensure whites are white and the colours of the scene remain true whilst still having a signature timeless style that will stand the test of time.  

where the magic happens


Fine art albums, Handcrafted Memories


There is nothing more special and meaningful than to have a fine art wedding album on your coffee table.

I promise you that seeing your beautiful memories in print, will bring you so much joy and gratitude. Photos are carefully selected and chronologically ordered to tell the story of your day. 

Albums are heirlooms for years to come. Worth every investment.

“Courtney!! I| have just recieved my album in the post and you were not kidding! The fine art paper is incredible, they are just perfect.  I didn't think i could love my photos anymore but i can confirm i now do! my parents now want to order one too! thanks for all of your help with making it.  ”


From your day :

Romantic Highlights  /

Timeless black and white romantic highlight movies.

This is an option for any couples opting for a package with a second photographer.

Is there anything better than watching your grandparents or parents old wedding videos? I wanted to offer a type of video without all the gimmicks of smooth video and audio. I want the rawness of you and your day to come through. Exactly how it looked and felt in that moment. Imperfectly perfect and timeless for years to come.

Inspired by old super 8mm camcorders but with a modern twist and the safety of digital . Moving moments with beautiful music. 

Get in touch for more information on this add-on.  

Other services

Your Journey's just begun

The perfect chance to meet me and warm up in front of the camera. Whether you opt for a couples shoot the day before your wedding to beat the crowds to the iconic spots or we run around London for some ultra chic and stylish photos. I promise you that we will have so much fun. 

Couple Engagement shoot

Elopements are one of my favourite things to document. The love between you both, the bravery to say 'I DO' just the two of you. Get in touch for a custom quote on elopements. 

Elopement photography

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editorial chronicals, timeless glamour