Ultimate tips on how to get the best bridal pictures on the morning of your wedding.

My top tips for the best bridal preparation photos on the morning of your wedding.

  • Allow enough time. If you are due to go to meet your registrar at a certain time. Ensure an hours extra time before this. If not, then ensure you are in your dress, an hour before the ceremony.

  • Open rooms with a lot of light work best. It’s good for make up artists and its good for photos. Most venues will offer a bridal suit. I highly recommend taking this option to get ready if possible.

  • If you have decided to get ready at the venue and your venue caters to guests overnight. Try and keep all of your dresses, shoes and other accessories in a different room. Have your hair and make up done in this room so that the bridal suit is clutter free and ready for photos.

  • Get your bridal party gifts, but make sure you open these before your make up.. it can be emotional!

  • Always bring a kurby grip. These things work wonders for buttons on a dress. Especially if you’re bridesmaids have chosen super cute but acrylic/Gel nails. It makes doing the buttons up, SO MUCH easier!

  • Ensure that you have pretty hangers for all of the bridesmaids and the brides dress.

  • Get a new bottle of your favourite perfume and have your wedding wedding jewellery to hand for details photos.

  • For some extra special photos, get yourself some pretty underwear or a white robe for some extra glamorous bridal photos. Please leave an extra 15-30 minutes on the timeline if you’re looking for some bridal boudoir.
  • Get matching robes or PJ’s for the bridal party.

  • Keep copies of your save the dates and wedding invitations so that you’re photographer can use these for flat lay photos in the morning with your bridal details.

  • Agree with your partner to write each other a note to read the morning of the wedding. Again, read this with plenty of time before your make up. no one wants panda eyes!

  • Book professional hair and make up artists. I’m sure you can do a great job on your own, but 90% of us will not be able to make our make up stick for most of the day. GLAM SQUAD!

  • Create a banging playlist! Think girls, girls, girls! who run the world?… GIRLS!

  • The Big Reveal shot!
    Make sure that the first time your bridesmaids and parents see you in your dress is a surprise. It truly makes for the most beautiful and emotive photos! I know it’s hard to keep it a secret but if you can, Do it. it makes the morning even more special!

    Allow your photographer to set up the shot before the reveal to make sure it is a surprise and they are ready for the reaction on everyones face!
  • Don’t wear a bra the evening before or the morning of your wedding. It can leave a mark on your skin which we don’t want!

  • Create an emergency kit before the day. Think sewing needles, safety pins, plasters, eyes lash glue, lipsticks and chewing gums. You’ll thank me for this! Can never be to prepared.

  • Get your make up artist to set up in front of the window. Natural light is always best for skin tones and lighting for photography.
  • Get your ring cleaned before the day. Bling Bling!
  • Don’t forget your something new, something borrowed and something blue! (if you’re into that)

  • Dont forget to eat! Trust me, you might not feel like it, because of nerves and excitement, but your reception dinner is a long time away.. EAT! Putting on a spread on things that can be eaten on the go and in-between hair and make-up will normally go down well. Croissants, Toast, fruit, bowls of cereal and bagels.

  • Remember to remove the stickers from the bottom of your shoes!

  • Make sure the drinks are flowing for a little dutch courage! Just be careful of drinking a little too much!

  • BREATH. From the moment your photographer and Glam squad arrives, your day is going to be over before you know it. It absoloutely FLYS by. Take 5 minutes out for yourself. Take 5 before you leave the room. Take 5 after the ceremony with your other half and take 5 at the top table when your looking back and all of your amazing friends and family, having an amazing time! I promise, it will be the best 5 minute breaks you took. Savour the moments. It hopefully only happens once!

  • This is it. You’ve worked SO HARD up until now. It’s time to stop stressing and stop planning. What is done is done and what will be, will be. It’s finally time to switch off and have some fun!



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