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From glamorous galas to exotic escapes, from I do’s to definitely don’ts, this is where I take you behind the scenes of my life as a luxury wedding photographer and provide you with a few hints and tips for your own celebration.

Real love stories from couples across the world. Dreams realised. Promises kept. I hope you discover plenty of inspiration throughout these pages.

The stories behind the beauty

It’s hard to imagine a more gorgeous place to get married than Santorini. This stunning Greek island in the southern Aegean Sea almost needs no introduction. It’s part of the Cyclades islands and was created after an ancient volcanic eruption, giving it those signature dramatic cliffs and stunning views.  Blue and white stucco architecture, delicious […]

White Walls & Winding Streets: My Ultimate Destination Wedding Guide To Santorini

photo of bride and groom in santorini at sunset

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