Tamsin & Neil – Couples photoshoot ideas in water.

These guys are wedding clients of mine and came to Bristol for their Pre wedding shoot. They are Due to get married in Edinburgh in December 2021, but wanted the shoot for their ‘Save the dates’. We decided on two locations close to each other for the shoot. Tamsin was keen on the idea of a water based shoot. I scouted out a cool location for them both.

I asked Tamsin a few questions so you can get to know them.

Names – Tamsin & Neil
Age: Both 30 years young.

How they met? TINDER!
Tamsin said: I nearly didn’t swipe right because he’s a rugby coach and i’d had some bad experiences with rugby lads but something about him really stood out, he seemed genuine. i’m so glad we matched!

How did he pop ‘the question’
Neils birthday is in October and my birthday is in December so we decided to have a joint birthday party in November with our closest friends and family. The night of the party, I came home to the living room being filled with candles and flowers with music playing and Neil down on one knee. It was a total surprise! It was such a special night, We drank tones of champagne and turned up to our party with THE BEST news to tell everyone!

We have decided to get married in Edinburgh as that’s where Neil is originally from. We now both live in London. The venue we have decided on is Mansfield Traquair Which is an incredible choice!
Take a look for yourself if you don’t believe me!

We chose our venue way before we even got engaged. I had randomly seen it on instagram one day and thought it was stunning! I then realised it was in Edinburgh where Neil was from! It was like it was meant to be! We went to visit it 2 years ago and knew that it was the place for us.

Neil is a rugby coach and is also currently studying at uni to become a PE teacher. He loves working with kids!

I’m a PA for a property development design lead company. I look after 3 people but also am able to work on presentations and be creative.


We both love films and food! We could eat a large tub of ben and jerry’s in one sitting and always get a Large popcorn or pick n mix at the cinema. We watch at least one film a week and recently we’ve taken up cooking and baking which really isn’t ideal when your’e trying to start your wedding diet!

We both hate arrogance, showing off just isn’t our style. Keeping it real and down to earth is more our thing!

When Tamsin got in touch about their shoot, I wanted to create something different. I had this image of a dark lake and Tamsin in white as it was a pre wedding shoot. I had sent Tamsin over some locations I had been out to look at previously but i just couldn’t find the location I was looking for. Then one day, i found it! I went to look at it first and sent Tamsin some videos, it was perfect! Tamsin had already Bought a dress for the occasion that was black. I knew she would blend into the dark water I had planned so we came up with a solution; 2 locations!

With Tamsin’s dress being black, I knew it had to be something that would make her dress pop. I found a cornfield within 10 minutes drive of the water location that was perfect! I knew the water location i had found was a popular swimming spot with wild swimmers and with children and families on hot days, so timing was everything. I didn’t want Neil or Tamsin to feel shy. None of them had ever had professional photos taken before so it was super important that they felt comfortable.

I had been keeping my eyes on the weather leading up to the shoot and they had planned to stay in Bath for the weekend. I knew that the water location had to either be at sunset or sunrise.

The day of the shoot, the weather was overcast … SHOCK! England, I love you. But we decided to chance it and try and do both locations on one evening. I thought this was the best idea and then allowed Tamsin and Neil to explore Bristol and Bath for the whole weekend.

We started in the corn field as I knew this was be quiet. We then headed to the water location to find we were the only ones there! the sun came out and it was perfect! As the sun had set just behind the hill, it was a little cold but they both handled it like pros!



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